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Learn French ?

Violaine Germain, fonder of Bespoke French Lessons Paris ( French language and culture tutor, graduate in psychology of learning)

Bonjour tout le monde !

The most common question you ask when it comes to learning French is "What course should I take to learn French in Paris?"

I will try to give you some guidelines to answer it.

Actually... it all depends on your learning personality :

Group courses: you are sociable and you speak easily, you are self-disciplined and you can review your lessons alone without personalized support, you prefer classical teaching, you have time to learn French, your schedules can be adapted to class schedules.

Advantages : You will learn French like at school and you will meet new friends in a situation of learning the language and the country like you, the courses will not be very expensive.

The Alliance française is the best choice.

Private lessons: You want to learn the language with personal objectives, your schedules are not flexible, you are more comfortable in a face-to-face accompaniment, you are ready to invest more than in group lessons in order to reach your objectives more quickly.

Advantages: You learn French with a personalized support.

Many tutors offer their services online.

Obviously, I believe in my own French language school, Bespoke French Lessons Paris, which I have created to meet all the expectations of French learners, newcomers and visitors, so that they can quickly learn to speak and live in French with confidence !

Bespoke French Private Lessons (one-to-one):

You want to learn the French language and codes quickly with a program tailored to your learning personality, you need to gain confidence and feel comfortable in your new language with a caring and supportive tutor chosen for you, you want to choose your own class time and format, you want the classes to focus on topics that interest you and answer your linguistic and cultural questions, you like to be accompanied between classes and in your homework using learning methods adapted to your personality, you want to know about French podcasts, series, music, etc. that will help you progress more quickly, you are curious about French codes, you need practical help in your first administrative and daily steps in France, you want to discover truly Parisian places where you can meet French people, you choose to invest in an excellent private tuition with a highly qualified tutor who is dedicated to you throughout your learning process.

Advantages : You are sure to have a high quality, structured and thoughtful support based on your learning personality with one of our dedicated and highly qualified teachers selected after a video interview with you. You have an immediate reply to all your practical and administrative requests in French life. Your teacher will introduce you to the non-touristy places in Paris.

I hope that these few tips have been useful to you!

Bonne journée ! Et à bientôt!

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