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BeSpoke French LeSSons PariS
 Who we are




Founder, French language and culture tutor, writer...

For me the key is to learn how to learn.

Bespoke French Lessons Paris was born out of my passion to find a unique learning style appropriate for each of my students.

My educational background and my various past and present professional experiences have helped me to develop a specific teaching strategy :  I studied French literature and language (Master) and psychology (Bachelor) at the Sorbonne and I've been a French teacher for fifteen years, but I've also been a screenwriter, a ghostwriter, a Paris guide writer, a tarot card reader in Japan (it's true!), and an editorial consultant. I've met many different people, I had to adapt myself all the time and I've learnt to find the good way to transmit my knowledge each new situation. 

As I'm fond of literature, humanities and art ( I also have a master's degree in art history from the École du Louvre), many of my students are academics, artists, diplomats, art and culture lovers.

Ah oui ! I love biking too, and the good wine "nature" to share with my students !




French language and culture teacher, translator, photographer, Paris guide...


I have been living in Paris for over 15 years now after spending some time in Spain, Canada, the US and England. I’ve discovered the teaching of French as a foreign language in Spain and loved it right from the start. Children, teenagers, adults... I got all kinds of students and love the diversity! I always make sure to provide a friendly atmosphere to my classes and emphasize the wonderfullness that francophone culture is. I’m very fond of cinema, creative writing, cultures, languages and the History of Paris (I also organize tours in the city), so I often try to mix all these elements while teaching, because learning a language is first and foremost learning about a new culture and building bridges between all of them. Looking foward to seeing you in my class!



French Teacher (University), French tutor (online), journalist...

Salut ! 

For me, the key is communication with my students, exchange. 

I have been teaching French at Corvinus University (Budapest) for fifteen years and I also give private lessons to adults of all nationalities (online). As I am interested in everything and everyone, I have also worked as a correspondent in Hungary for French newspapers and collaborated with British, Canadian and Swiss media. I also host a political and cultural program in French on an independent radio station (quite critical of the current government in Hungary). I love all humanities, international politics, history, sociology, linguistics (which I find fascinating) and a little bit of philosophy as well... What else? I like thrillers and American literature, I ride my bike in the city and in the nature, I have the travel bug (I grew up in the United States and in Africa, I have travelled through Europe from Finland to Albania, I spent some time in Japan)

Teaching is my passion and private tutoring allows me to really focus on each of my students.

Bienvenue dans mes cours ! 

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French language, literature and philosophy teacher (University), musician and art lover...

Having more than 25 years’ experience in teaching French as a Foreign Language, as well as Literature, Philosophy and anything cultural, I believe that an authentic exchange and real dialogue is the best way to acquire greater linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness.
Thus I endeavour to tailor my courses to the specific needs and wishes of my students. I always strive for a warm and fun approach, while making sure the student progresses and acquires new knowledge and skills, which they will apply in their Parisian life.
Particularly interested in the Arts, notably Literature, Cinema and Music, I usually base my classes on the specific cultural themes and aspects that my students are interested in. For example, highly aware of the power of Music for helping to gain and assimilate knowledge in an enjoyable way, I often use songs as a teaching/ learning tool. Socio-political issues, Philosophy and History are some of my other specialties. But I am also passionate about Food, Fashion, and Travel!
A Parisian born and bred, after years teaching abroad, I truly love to share my everlasting wonder and curiosity about the beauties of this unique city. I’ll be delighted to be your French tutor as well as your Cultural Guide to Paris. Bienvenue à Paris!



PhD in literature, teacher of French and Francophone literature (University).
Author, translator, DELF-DALF examiner, conceptor and trainer. 

I like to

Introducing you to French and Francophone literature
Helping you enter the worlds of their authors 
Helping you understand and share French culture 
To accompany you in the learning of the French language (grammar is a sweet song) at all levels 
To go with you on the way to the exams (DELF and DALF): a great adventure!

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