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Each student has unique needs and our job is to assess what they specifically require. As a general rule, a beginner needs less guidance than an expert. Therefore, our rates increase according to each student's knowledge of the language and expectations.


Our fees include on hour live lessons, the "lesson" paper sent to the student after each class, as well as ongoing supervision of the student's learning of the French language and culture.

Beginner : 60 euros (customized tutoring for students with no learning difficulties) to 65 euros  (with oral recording of the lesson and/or specific tutoring for difficulties)


Intermediate : 62 euros (customized tutoring for students with no learning difficulties) to 66 euros  (with oral recording of the lesson and / or specific tutoring for difficulties)


Advanced and expert : 66 euros (customized tutoring for students looking for language and general culture courses on subjects that the teachers are specialists in) to 74 euros  (for students with specific requests that require research and university-type courses, for students looking for professional and artistic training)


Writing workshop, editing, translation (English-French, Spanish-French): on request

Preparation exams DALF C1 & C2 : 65 / 67 euros 

Private Tour-Lesson in Paris with an expert teacher and guide : 150 euros (for one or two) / 299 euros (for 3 or 4)


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