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Main Keys to Fast, Efficient French Learning

Want to learn French in the shortest possible time? With fun? Here are the main Keys to fast, efficient French learning !

French immersion

Spend a few weeks in France and refuse to speak anything but French

Expert French lessons


For the classic case when you ask native french speakers something in French and they answer you in English :

Immediate response in French, with a big smile:

J'apprends le français et je dois pratiquer !

Premium French lessons Paris

Intensive daily French practice

Anything goes: bakeries, supermarkets, passers-by asking for directions, yoga or pilates classes (active communication and listening), as well as using all your French applications, choosing French songs and French TV shows, even if you're not concentrating on the meaning (passive listening).


In the morning, plan your day in French (in your head while brushing your teeth, in a low or high voice, biking or singing in the shower !

enjoy French lessons

An approach based on learning the language as it is used every day

Sit in a café and listen! Attend French meetings, concerts and gatherings (we have a list of places that will suit your interests) and even if you don't understand everything, your brain will work for you and catch phrases and words without you even realizing it.

Learn French in Paris

Take intensive Bespoke Private French Lessons in Paris & Online

Your private teacher will tailor to suit your learning personality.

He or she'll draw up a learning program, give you tips and advice, and help you communicate with pleasure by giving you the words and expressions used in France in the register you want.

The aim is for you to forget that you're in a language French class and focus on the communication and the subject at hand

Premium private french lessons

Here are the main Keys to fast, efficient French learning !

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