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How to unlock your French ?

Many new students come to me asking how to unblock their French. They know the grammar, they've learned a lot of vocabulary, they've been taking classes for months and yet as soon as they find themselves in an everyday situation, they can't have a simple conversation in French. Don't worry, nothing serious!

There are simple ways to speak at ease and with confidence in a situation.

The brain retains what it needs and doesn't get going when it has been fed lists of vocabulary and grammar rules with no direct link to the situations encountered.

Result: we are at the baker's and suddenly it is impossible to ask for a croissant.

The two main "Bespoke" solutions that work:

1 - A class that appears to be a conversation on personal and everyday subjects. The student forgets that he is in the process of learning, he is in an interactive situation. The teacher helps and guides him/her with thoughtfulness to express him/herself and to communicate in a context.

2 - A class where the student is in a practical context in the city, in a store, in the street, on a tour of Paris. An active and dynamic communication situation is set up with the tutor who takes note of all the notions that will build up the written lesson that he or she will send to the student afterwards.

Of course, we have many more tips and tricks to get you unstuck, we invent them each time especially for you.

Please, never feel desperate! You can speak French ! You just have to find the right way to learn, the one that is just right for you. Our job is to help you get there!

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