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Bespoke French Lessons Paris
How we work 

Premium French lessons

A specific learning program tailored to your needs

Our mission is to teach students the French language according with their learning personality,

Our passion is to help them gain a better understanding of French culture, art, perspectives, and codes.

We are a small team of highly qualified French teachers and we choose to tailor our lessons to really focus on each of our students and get them to communicate in French according to their personality and goals. 
Violaine Germain, the founder of Bespoke French Lessons Paris, has developed a new approach, called @integrative learning, which is based on the principle that the teacher must adapt to the student and not the other way around.

Thus, he builds a unique learning experience for each student by using relevant points from both classical and innovative methods. His expertise and catchy enthusiasm do the rest! 

We also believe that studying a language is about exploring its culture. Each of us, in addition to being a French teacher, has an in-depth knowledge of Paris, history, art history, French society, literature and cinema, sports, cuisine and of course, French codes. 

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