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Newcomers, expatriates in Paris : how and where to learn French ?

Newcomers, expatriates in Paris
Newcomers, expatriates in Paris

Newcomers to Paris? Expatriates in Paris? You've just arrived in Paris for a few months or a few years and your first objective is to communicate in French to make your daily life easier.

But how do you go about it, and who can you turn to?

There are several options open to you

Group courses at universities such as the Alliance française ?

The big advantage is that you'll meet other expats like yourself.

However, the courses are not generally designed to enable you to get by in everyday life straight away.

You have to learn grammar for several months before you can ask for a croissant, or almost.

The French method is often rather hard and cold, especially for Americans and Canadians.

Teachers encourage you by pointing out your mistakes before congratulating you on what you have learnt.

Private lessons ?

There's something for everyone, from the French or language masters student who makes ends meet by giving lessons to the highly qualified teacher who adapts his or her teaching methods to your objectives and personality.

At Bespoke, we are a very small team of private tutors, all with degrees from the Sorbonne, whose passion is to really focus on the students, unlike schools with lots of students or private tutors on huge platforms who prioritise efficiency over the quality of the lessons.

We all have degrees from the Sorbonne in literature and linguistics, with specialisations in art history, history, international relations and law, so we follow our students over the long term, adapting to their needs and the times in their lives.

As expatriates ourselves, we know first-hand what it's like to live outside your home country.

We have therefore drawn up a list of useful addresses and recommendations for our students, and we also help them to manage the ups and downs of their daily lives.

We can't guarantee that we'll have you as a student straight away, as we have very few students, but we'd be happy to get to know you if you'd like, and perhaps become your French tutor !

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