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Cours privés pour artistes, écrivains, chercheurs, gens curieux

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At bespoke, we realized online lessons are as human and effective as face to face 

Come and join you from your room (with a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of wine ;))


Bespoke French lessons and workshops
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Bespoke French Writing Workshop and Customized Assistance

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Bespoke Teaching and Customized Coaching

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Customized French Lessons
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Improve your French and explore Paris

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Bespoke  Teaching and Customized tours


Violaine Germain

Coach et professeure privée


Empathy, Efficiency, Sharing are the keywords at Bespoke French Lessons.

Violaine Germain is a French tutor and a coach for non French native artists, writers, researchers, curious people. Over many years of teaching she developed an effective means of helping students truly connect with the French language and culture through individually customized lessons.

These experiences led to the creation of Bespoke Integrative Learning.  Its/Her mission is not only to teach students the French language, but to help them gain a better understanding of French culture, art, perspectives, and codes while discovering some of Paris' secret beautiful places and cute cafes.

With Bespoke Integrative Learning Violaine will:

- Customize her teaching according with your personality and goals

- Chose tailored resources, using articles and topics of particular interest to each student

- Assign customized follow-up exercises to address specific areas of improvement identified during each lesson

- Use a combination of classic French and modern teaching methods to make learning enjoyable and give students confidence

- Be flexible and able to adjust lesson plans to react to your mood, your mind, and wishes.

Violaine studied French at the Sorbonne  (Master), History of Art at the Ecole du Louvre and Sorbonne (Master) and psychology (bachelor). She has worked as a cinema screenwriter. 

She was herself an expatriate in Japan  and knows the importance of mastering a language in order to be truly integrated into a new country.

Artists, Researchers, Writers, Diplomats, Curious French Learners, Welcome at Bespoke!