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Kate Voegele

(Los Angeles)

Singer, Actress


Working with Violaine was truly the best decision I could have made!

The French lessons were so perfectly tailored to the areas where I needed to improve, and I really felt like Violaine helped me push past some of the biggest roadblocks I had that were keeping me from having the confidence to speak with locals on a regular basis. Outstanding French course for artists ! 











Thank you for visiting my homepage! My name is VIOLAINE, I'm a highly experienced Private French teacher and the founder of Bespoke French Lessons Paris, a one-to-one French language school whose private French courses are entirely tailored to you, your specific needs and your learning personality.


My expertise is unique for intermediate and advanced levels, teaching artists, academics, corporate managers and cultural enthusiasts.


If you're a curious person and you want to learn French in a personalized and confident atmosphere, get in touch !

NEWS ! We have 6 possible new students starting in September! Apply now and we'll send you an evaluation questionnaire or arrange an online interview.














Learning French means learning to think French, feel French, live French and be yourself in French. 

We tailor your French to your personal style.















Thanks to two master's degrees in French and the psychology of learning at the Sorbonne, a master's in art history at the Ecole du Louvre and years of personal teaching, I've developed an engaging, conversational style from beginner to expert level. 


Both myself and the four outstanding hand-picked French teachers at Bespoke French Lessons are all highly experienced, with expertise in history, art history and Paris, literature and cinema, as well as knowledge of French cuisine, travel and, of course, French and Parisian codes. 

In person or Online,

Whenever and Wherever you Want









French beginners, you will enable you to get by in French in just a few lessons. Our approach is practical, fun and based on your immediate needs.


French intermediate and French advanced students, you'll improve your French with content-rich French courses taught by top-notch tutors with in-depth knowledge of French codes and lifestyles, specializing in art history, literature, cinema, music, or the history of Paris. 













We have an expert in the French exam preparation DELF, DALF C1 and DALF C2, TCF as well as competitive admission exams to top French schools. We're proud that all our students have passed their French exams with flying colors. 

But maybe you're an artist, writer, or academic, an art and culture lover, and would like to receive private lessons tailored to your desires and goals?

We have the specificity to send you a bespoke written lesson with vocabulary, grammar, phonetics, and homework after each class.


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best private french lessons paris
Conversational French lessons



Our Approach

The content of our courses is you and your interests  


Your life, your questions about French and Parisian society and codes, the history of Paris, art history, literature, cinema, sport... each of our teachers has a specialization in addition to teaching French. 








Our French classes customize each program to your personality and pace.

Our French courses in Paris for adults immerse you in French life, culture, lifestyle, arts and codes, both classical and contemporary. 

Some of our teachers are Parisian historians/lecturers, and combine their French language courses with the discovery of our city, in person or online. 

Learn French in Paris !



                    Your Bespoke French Lessons ? 

💡 Learning French with a high-end private teacher in an culturally savvy atmosphere ;  

 💡 Getting by in French during a visit to France or in daily life ; 

💡 Being able to chat with friends in fluent French in a noisy café in elegant French, in trendy French, in French slang, in the French that sounds like you.

💡Learning the French language by discovering French codes of today (relationships, etiquette, French behavior, concepts and thinking) ; 

💡 Learning and improving French with tailor-made and thrilling courses in literature (classic and modern), art history, history etc. ; 
💡 Enjoying lessons-tours to museums and art galleries, hidden places and charming districts  with French teachers and historians of Paris

💡write your novels, screenplays, and plays in an appropriate French with professional support tailored to your needs

💡Prepare, write and improve your presentations and talks in perfect French. 















In Paris and From Paris, In person and Online


 You choose whenever and wherever you want to take your course

🛋️ At your home or in your hotel lounge
☕ In a peaceful, charming café to learn French in a typically Parisian atmosphere
🥐 In our school, in a cute Parisian and cosy flat in the trendy 11th arrondissement 

🌐 Online, wherever you want to be in touch with Paris and the French language and Parisian world














Learn French by exploring Paris

We strongly support the idea that learning French can be linked to discovering Paris, its lifestyle, and culture. Our French class IN PERSON are special times in your place or in many non-touristy and secret cafés, parks, streets, places known for their Parisian elegance, trendy spots, tearooms with delightful French food specialitiesParisian places, hip spots, etc.

Enjoy a French immersion.

Would you like to learn French and have a special time in Paris from your country? 

From anywhere in the world? 











Our students are nomad workers, artists, academic, art and culture lovers, free people from the four corners of the world, with whom the lessons ONLINE become privileged moments.

Sometimes we even hold our online courses in Parisian museums and venues, to give our students a taste of Paris!










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French lessons for women
Trendy French lessons online
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French lessons Saint germain des près
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The BeSpoke Team

Bespoke French Lessons Paris




1 ) One student One dedicated high-end Tutor (the right one according to your needs and personality)

2 ) One student One learning style (special programs for artists, academics, art lovers) 

3 ) Highly qualified and dedicated personal tutors


4 ) TCF, DELF & DALF exams preparation with an expert teacher (jury in the exams)

5 ) French job interview coaching


6 ) French expression training / French accent training

7 ) High-standard Private French culture and language courses (literature, cinema, art, history, international relations ...)

8 ) An open-minded community of French learners from all walks of life and all countries (writers, academics and fashion designers, diplomats and nomad workers, artists and art collectors, high-level athletes, therapists, and NGO members...)


Bespoke Private French Lessons
We meet your Needs and Expectations

The words of Violaine Germain, the founder








The concept of BeSpoke French LeSSonS PariS is based on my goal to teach French language and culture in a more caring, dedicated, and personalized way than traditional private tutoring, using a combination of my experience as a French teacher, my research in the psychology of learning and my passion to introduce each of my students to French culture, Parisian life, and French codes.

French is a living language that requires a real relationship with the "right" teacher who will introduce you to vocabulary and grammar in a lively and exciting atmosphere, in a quiet place, on the terrace of a café, walking in the streets, discovering Paris with a teacher who knows its history and anecdotes, the nontouristic spots. 


I have very few students to focus on and I have surrounded myself with talented, high-level French tutors with different specializations (Paris, literature, art, gastronomy, international relations), all driven by the same ambition and commitment as I am to transmit French and support students in their experience of French in a totally personalized way. 

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert in French, we offer you private lessons tailored to your needs and based on a balance between the French language, the French culture, and your goals and personality.

French Beginners and Intermediates, Learn a new language often seems complicated but in reality, with a good and personalized teaching method given by Native French tutors, French learning will be a pleasure.


Experts, Would you like to improve your French by exploring French culture and arts, French codes, French society, the real French and Parisian life

The core of our teaching is based on its content thanks to teachers specialized in Paris, literature, history, art and humanities but also international relations, sports, and economics. 

We conceive our courses asà la carte lessons. 

Would you want to learn French in a fast and fun way by discovering the historical Paris, the arty Paris, the foody Paris (natural wine bars and shops, confidential delicious pastries, cheese stores, and original chefs' restaurants)?

French tutor writer




"My three intensive weeks in Paris with Violaine could not be more perfect! "Bespoke" is the perfect name for Violaine's services! "

Stephen Sheehi, Professor of Middle East Studies (William and Mary University)

Our courses involve a special commitment to each student, offering a High-flying tailored learning experience, both linguistically and culturally. 

Beginners Intermediate and Experts, your learning experience will be unique.

We focus on your personality as a learner to design an effective and smart French teaching style that will work for you.

Agathe, Chloé, Brice, Guillaume, Marie-Hélène

are the outstanding and talented hand-picked teachers whose approach matches mine and who are now part of the BeSpoke adventure



Explore Paris by learning French,
Learn French by exploring Paris


Agathe and Brice,

your Bespoke personal teachers, historians of Paris and guides,

you'll speak French in the little streets of Saint-Germain des près, learn key words and phrases on the terraces of the Café de Flore, Gramme, Le Cheval blanc and the non-touristy Parisian "petits cafés" where artists and true Parisians gather, experience unforgettable lessons in the Luxembourg Gardens, on the esplanade des Invalides, facing the Sorbonne, under the Eiffel Tower or in a secret courtyard in the Marais, discover the Musée Rodin, Louvre, Orsay, the musée Gustave Moreau or the Centre Pompidou all in French, you'll explore Parisian art galleries and artists' studios and integrate grammatical notions without realizing it, maybe you'll practice your French at Paris+ or Paris photo fairs, or during fashion week shows, maybe you'll go boating on the canal saint-martin, maybe you'll take a conversation class on a fancy rooftop or an hidden castle in Montmartre, in the old streets of  the ancient Lutèce, maybe you'll like to learn French by doing the downward dog or talking literature in a cocooning third place, maybe you'll learn French by enjoying a glass of natural wine or a beer in a new trendy restaurant in the arty, food-loving Belleville district, or maybe you'd prefer to stay at home and have your lessons quietly, face-to-face. And if you're not in Paris, you'll love learning French live with Paris and your Parisian teacher.

It'll be your little Parisian breath of

fresh air ! 

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IMG_20191020_095741 (3)_edited.jpg




Trendy Private French Lessons in Paris
Premium Private French lessons Paris
Personal French coach
First-rate French lessons
Inspiring French lessons for smart people




 Learning French or a new language often seems complicated but in reality, with a good personalized teaching method given by native French tutors, acquiring a good fluency in French will be fast. Make learning French a joyful and happy French experience in accord with your needs. It will be a real "alliance française" between French language and French culture. 

French immersion is the main key

To learn French, you must "live" French, "think" French, "laugh" French and discover your French side, the "version française" of yourself. To learn French, you have to love communicating in French and enjoy your French classes like you enjoy a special moment.

A successful language-training is a fun time and cultural activities are essential. 










​One-to-one or three students maximum

Our courses are one to one or, at the student's request, a session with two students

(with a similar level). We do not have any small-group of more than 3 students where the levels are mixed and progress is rare. We exclusively offer adult classes with some exceptions for curious and passionate teenagers and children.








One dedicated and thoughtful teacher

The proficiency of our teachers is well established. We are a very small team, we work with few students to be able to focus on their needs, and we build a relationship of trust and often friendship with each of them. We like to feel like a kind of host family, respectful and present when needed. With Agathe, Brice, Agnès, Guillaume, Marie-Hélène, Chloé, and Caroline we help you to learn French and to live in French in France. 

We are the opposite of a big mainstream school where your best friend is your textbook and your homework is like rote conjugation. 


Customized and on-the-spot courses

The teacher also adapts to the student's wishes and needs on the fly. Practicing oral French does not prevent you from learning to send your greetings by email or by post. Learning to write literary French or a university lecture does not prevent you from being interested in the culture of the French (the French and food, the French and love, the romance language, the French at work, etc.).











For each new student, Violaine does a placement test during the first small interview. You explain what you want, we see if your approach to learning works with what we can offer you, Violaine offers a course program in accord with a teacher dedicated to the student, and off you go! 

We are flexible. Intensive, semi-intensive, or once a week, in person or/and on Zoom, weekdays and weekends, in France or on the other side of the planet, everything is possible. As you like it


We invite you to discover the best spots of true Paris in Saint-Germain des près, Bastille, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the Invalides, around Musée d'Orsay, Avenue Montaigne or the Latin Quarter, Montmartre, Belleville and many other nontouristic places!

Smart French class online
Top-notch French tutoring
High-standard Private French lessons
best Private French lessons Paris
French language & French culture private lessons

Bespoke French Lessons

Learn French Language and Culture 





We are experienced French high-graduate teachers French language team and... writer, artist, journalist, literature professor, art historian (Louvre, Orsay etc.), linguist, Paris guide, gourmet and expert of all the good non-touristy restaurants and shops in Paris and France. 

Each of us has one or more specialties that allow us to introduce you to the language in the way that suits you best.

Grammar is the rule of the language game. Whether it is spoken language, written language, academic language, literary language or/and slang language, it is important to approach it as a game. A good tutor knows how to quickly convey the tenses, conjugation, and grammatical structures for speaking and writing both basic and expert French. Our grammar lessons are smart and exciting (it's true!)

French pronunciation can be quite easy, learning phonetics is like learning a song. We are all native French speakers, and our tailor-made methods immerse you in the music of the language so that you can have good French pronunciation with pleasure. Our teacher Chloé is particularly specialized in learning through music (among other things). French speaking becomes a pleasure.

Comprehension is quickly learned with a French teacher who engages you in communicating and forgets that you are in class. We focus on a conversational approach, written learning in which you will also have a very active part, exciting courses where all the subjects that interest you can be treated (culture, literature, art history, Paris and also the French codes, places to walk, where to shop, cafes and restaurants)

Do you need to pass the internationally recognized French language exams?

Our DELF A1, A2, B1, B2 and DALF C1 and C2 preparation courses have always been successful.

We have an expert in DALF C1 and C2, Marie-Hélène, who is both an author of exam subjects and an experienced instructor and examiner.

Frenc lessons for culture lovers
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