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Politique de confidentialité / Privacy Policy 

La protection de vos données à caractère personnel (toute information vous concernant que vous nous fournissez lors de l'utilisation du site web par exemple lorsque vous créez un compte utilisateur, comme votre nom, vos coordonnées, …) est une priorité de BeSpoke French LeSSons Paris. Nous prenons donc toutes précautions utiles pour garantir qu’aucun tiers non autorisé n’y ait accès.

La protection de vos données personnelles (toutes les informations vous concernant que vous fournissez lors de l'utilisation du site, par exemple lors de la création d'un compte utilisateur, telles que votre nom, vos coordonnées, etc.) est une priorité pour BeSpoke French LeSSons PariS. Nous prenons donc toutes les précautions pour qu'aucun tiers non autorisé n'y ait accès.


En synthèse /  Pour résumer.:

Nous n'utilisons vos données que pour l'unique fonctionnement de la plateforme et n'avons aucune stratégie visant à réutiliser vos données ou à en faire un commerce quelconque : ainsi, nous ne vendons en aucun cas les données de nos apprenants, et ne les mettre jamais à disposition de tiers hormis nos professeurs.  Sans activité de votre part, nous supprimons vos données identifiantes après 5 ans.

​​Nous utilisons vos données uniquement pour le fonctionnement de la plateforme et n'avons aucune stratégie de réutilisation ou d'échange de vos données de quelque manière que ce soit : par exemple, nous ne vendre les données de nos apprenants ou les mettre à disposition de tiers autres que nos professeurs.  S'il n'y a aucune activité de votre part, nous supprimerons vos données d'identification après 5 ans.


General terms and conditions


The Bespoke French Lessons Paris  tutors are dedicated to improving your french fluency. If you have any additional requirements, please let us know and we will try our best to satisfy your expectations.


Payments and cancellations

All our private lessons are payable in advance (before the first lesson) and non-refundable, except in cases of force majeure (serious illness, death).

Selected students may pay a deposit of 50% of the initial course fee in advance, with the remaining 50% due before your 4th lesson.

You can pay by online bank transfer, or by check payable in euros, in cash to your teacher.

Lessons scheduled for specific dates and times are counted, unless they have to be postponed for reasons judged valid by the teacher. All scheduled lessons are charged.


If a student is unable to honour a course as part of a regular package (more than four packages in a row), he/she must inform the teacher at least 21 days in advance.
In the interests of pedagogy, students may not cancel more than two lessons per package, except for serious reasons at the discretion of the teacher. 


Once you've purchased your package or lessons, we'll introduce you to your teacher and send you a confirmation e-mail. 

Contract duration
Each contract sets out the terms and conditions of the French course, including start dates, prices and timetables. 
All contracts are valid for 4 months from the date of your first lesson. After 4 months, the student will not receive a refund for the remaining lessons.
Bespoke French Lessons reserves the right to cancel a lesson, to propose alternative dates or locations, and to make changes to the organization of lessons if necessary.

Cancellation and postponement of a lesson
Cancellation of a French course by a student is accepted without penalty if made at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time and with valid reasons (health, work, real impossibility).

If the cancellation is received less than 24 hours in advance, the student will be billed at the normal rate.

The student may not cancel or postpone a course more than twice per package, and must have a valid reason each time (health, work, real impossibility)

Late registration

There is no registration deadline for courses or private lessons, but we strongly advise you to register at least 1 month before the start of the course to guarantee your place.


If your teacher arrives late for a lesson, the time lost will be added to the end of the lesson or to the next lesson.
If you are delayed, our teachers will wait for you for 25 minutes from the scheduled start time. We will try to contact you, but if you have not arrived within this time, the lesson will be missed and unfortunately cannot be refunded.

Course fees

Private French lessons are sometimes given in cafés or other public places in Paris. If this is the case, the student pays his or her own expenses and those of the teacher.
If you take a French course at our school, refreshments, fresh water, tea and coffee are provided free of charge, as are all the necessary teaching materials.


We strongly advise students to take out travel insurance to cover medical, repatriation and other expenses in the event of accident or emergency.

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