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BeSpoke French leSSons PariS
Our philosophy 
Bespoke personal French tutor and coach

  A tailor-made French language and culture teaching for each student @intergrativelearning2023


The core of our approach to French language and culture teaching is to create a genuine encounter between each student and a personal teacher, as well as to design the best teaching process for each learner according to their own style and goals.


A teacher and a learning method tailored to your needs

French is a living language that requires a real relationship with the "right" teacher who will introduce you to vocabulary and grammar in a lively and exciting atmosphere without ever dissociating himself from your interests and goals. He will understand you, involve you and lead you to the best.


First, Violaine will choose the tutor who best matches her perception of you, your goals and your interests. 

Learning French is about experiencing a vibrant world

Another key to successful teaching is to consider learning French through its culture, its people, and all that it allows you to explore about the world and yourself. 
All the subjects that interest you and all the situations of daily life that you need are springboards for speaking, writing, communicating, reading and living in French. 


Thus, your personal teacher will always strive to stay as close as possible to your needs, desires and passions. 

And since learning a living language requires daily practice, she will give you tips and resources for living a little in French every day. Homework too, if you wish! 


"Absolutely fantastic experience! I highly recommend Bespoke French Lessons. Violaine was an incredible teacher, she is fun, talkative, encouraging and has a ton of knowledge about everything Parisian." Kevin Collins, airline pilot, Toronto, Canada.

"I highly recommend Violaine and Bespoke French! She's a wonderful teacher and a lovely person. In our lessons, she was extremely patient, empathetic and made me feel at ease right away." Sylvia Brindis, Producer and actress, Los Angeles, USA

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